Life Skills Mentor Training: October 2023

Life Skills Mentoring Training!

A refugee’s path towards feeling at home in a new country is often sharp and turbulent. Oftentimes, whether it be a consistently friendly face or support in reaching the nearest grocery store, community involvement plays an essential role in creating a welcoming environment for refugees. Refugee families and individuals have their own goals, hopes, and dreams, and we have the privilege of serving as a bridge to help them arrive at their definition of success and self-sufficiency. Please join us for an informative session on the culture, guidelines, and resources involved in being a Life Skills Mentor with Exodus clients!

This opportunity is for those who have:

  1. Completed the Exodus Volunteer Application.
  2. Watched the Refugee 101 video, and
  3. Filled out the required Reflection Form

If you have completed these requirements but have yet to receive the link for this month’s session, please feel free to reach out to Jericho Jones at

Follow-up requirements prior to being matched will include:

1. Confidentiality Form submission

2. Background check completion

Date: 10/19/2023

Time: 12:00P – 1:00P