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Ways to Give

Make a Financial Donation

We are always in need of financial contributions to help incoming refugees make a successful transition to our city. You can join in welcoming these courageous families and individuals by making a donation online or mailing a check to: Exodus Refugee Immigration  2457 E. Washington Street, Suite A  Indianapolis, IN 46201. 

Monthly Giving

Join our Monthly Giving Program to support refugees all year long! Your monthly recurring gift of $10, $25, or $50 adds up to big impact for refugee families. Click here to set up a recurring gift.

Employer Matching Gifts

You can double or triple your gift to Exodus with an employer matching gift! Some companies also provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Contact your company’s human resources department to ask if they offer this benefit.

Questions about giving opportunities? Please contact Cassandra Sanborn, Director of Development at csanborn@exodusrefugee.org or call (317) 677-3870.

Women’s Giving Circle

You can make a difference in the life of a refugee woman by joining our Women’s Giving Circle. Members make an annual gift of $1,000 to join the Circle. Your gift supports case management, education, and resources for refugee women and girls. Members also enjoy special engagement opportunities, such as our Global Women’s Friendship Dinners with refugee women. Click here to learn more.

Members of the Women’s Giving Circle can also split their gift up into convenient monthly payments.  To do so, you can call Cassandra at 317-677-3870, or visit our donation page and select “Show my support by making this a monthly donation!” Then leave a comment indicating your donation is for the Women’s Giving Circle.

Ready to join? Contact Cassandra Sanborn, Director of Development at csanborn@exodusrefugee.org or (317) 677-3870.

Gifts of Stock and Bonds

We also accept gifts of stock and bonds. For stock transfer instructions or other questions about making a gift, please contact Cassandra Sanborn, Director of Development at csanborn@exodusrefugee.org or call (317) 677-3870.

IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts

IRS rules mandate that individuals age 70 1/2 and older take required minimum distributions from their IRA each year, regardless of whether the income is needed. These annual withdrawals are subject to ordinary income taxes. By making a charitable contribution to Exodus from your IRA, you may be able to satisfy your required minimum distribution amount without reporting additional income. The provision allows for donations of up to $100,000 each year.

  • You must be at least age 70 ½ at the time of the gift your distribution to Exodus Refugee.
  • Distributions should be made from your IRA administrator directly to Exodus Refugee.
  • Distributions must be made from a traditional IRA or Roth IRA.
  • The charitable distribution must be complete by December 31 in the year it is claimed.
  • Total charitable distributions cannot exceed $100,000, per taxpayer per year.
  • Donor may not receive any goods or services in exchange for the donation.

To make a gift:

Contact your IRA administrator to request a charitable distribution transfer to Exodus Refugee. IRA administrators may send gifts to:  Exodus Refugee Immigration 2457 E. Washington Street, Suite A  Indianapolis, IN 46201

It’s important to consider your tax situation before deciding whether to make a charitable contribution from your IRA. Be sure to share this gift plan with your financial advisor.

Leaving a Legacy—Planned Giving

If you want to make a lasting, long-term difference here in your community, you may want to consider making a planned gift.

A planned gift shows that you care about the sustainability of Exodus and want to provide people with hope for years to come.  You will give refugees and other forcibly displaced people the opportunity to start new lives here in Indianapolis!

Leaving a bequest to Exodus in your will is one of the easiest ways to make a planned gift. If you are considering making a bequest, please consult with your tax advisor or financial planner.

If you are interested in planned giving, you can view our brochure and commitment form.

For more information about planned giving opportunities, or to let us know that you have already made your bequest to Exodus, please reach out to Director of Development Cassandra Sanborn at csanborn@exodusrefugee.org or 317-677-3870.