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Mental Wellness

For refugees

Given the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of refugees, our mental wellness service aims to respond to the mental health concerns of refugees in a way that is linguistically appropriate and culturally sensitive.

The program was created due to a growing number of clients who have experienced torture and other traumatic experiences before arriving in the U.S.

All clients are screened for mental wellness concerns upon arrival. Once mental health needs are identified, referrals to community resources are provided, or in some cases therapeutic services may be offered by the Exodus Mental Wellness Coordinator, who provides individual, couple, family and group sessions to Exodus clients.

In addition to clinical services, psycho-educational concepts of mental wellness are integrated into Exodus’ language and cultural orientation classes, and individual mental wellness training sessions are provided.

Exodus also serves as an internship site for Master’s-level counseling and art therapy students.

For caregivers

Exodus also considers the mental wellness of the caregivers who work with refugee clients. We seek to promote self-care among providers and to reduce the incidence of emotional burnout sometimes referred to as “compassion fatigue” or “secondary traumatization.” Exodus Mental Wellness staff members are available to area professionals who are interested in receiving education on self and client care.