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Match Grant

Considered a “welfare alternative” program, Match Grant (MG) assists eligible families and individuals in attaining self-sufficiency through employment during their first 6 months in Indianapolis. Clients enrolled in Match Grant receive cash assistance and housing benefits for up to 5 months. In addition, clients attend English classes, cultural orientation, and employment training. As MG participants, clients are not allowed to receive public cash assistance from welfare.

Each year, the Office of Refugee Resettlement through CWS and EMM allocate a certain number of Match Grant enrollment slots. These slots are limited every year and never equal the number of eligible clients. Therefore, Exodus provides another program funded by the State of Indiana to assist clients in achieving employment. Exodus is required to raise a cash and in-kind “match” for the Match Grant program. Monetary and in-kind donations are crucial to the success of these essential self-sufficiency services.

For more information, please contact Tamana Tamim at ttamim@exodusrefugee.org.