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Household Donations

Thank you for your interest in donating household items to Exodus Refugee! 

Please note that Exodus cannot pick up donations. 

Right now, Exodus is accepting donations by appointment only. To make a donation, please reach out to Cassandra at csanborn@exodusrefugee.org.

We are currently accepting the following items:

  • Gift Cards to Walmart, Amazon, Saraga, or other Indianapolis retailers to purchase culturally appropriate food and other items.
  • Gifts cards to Uber and Lyft to help provide transportation for our clients.
  • Couches (new or gently used)
  • Dining Room Tables and Chairs (new or gently used)
  • Dressers (new or gently used)
  • Adult bicycles that are in working order (new or gently used)
  • Toilet paper (new only)
  • Vacuums (new or gently used)
  • Towel sets (new or gently used)
  • Shampoo / conditioner  (new only)
  • Handsoap (new only)
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste (new only)
  • Deodorant (new only)
  • Razors (new only)
  • Laundry detergent (new only)
  • Laundry baskets (new or gently used)
  • Plates (new or gently used)
  • Bowls (new or gently used)
  • Mugs (new or gently used)
  • Glasses (new or gently used)
  • Dish drying racks (new or gently used)
  • Cutting boards (new or gently used)
  • Dustpans (new or gently used)
  • Kitchen trashcans (new or gently used)
  • Bathroom sized trashcans (new or gently used)
  • Twin & full comforters (new only)
  • Teapots (new or gently used)
  • Rice cookers (new or gently used)
  • Mops and Brooms (new only)
  • Backpacks (new or gently used)
  • School supplies (new only)
  • Area rugs (new or gently used)
  • Winter coats (new or gently used)
  • Items that can be purchased on our Indianapolis Amazon wishlist or our Bloomington Amazon Wishlist.  


You can also make a financial gift to support Exodus at this time!

Please note that we cannot accept donations of used beds, car seats, cribs, mattresses, pack & plays, or food. We are also not accepting donations of clothing at this time (winter coats are accepted).

Contact Cassandra Sanborn at csanborn@exodusrefugee.org for more information about how to host a donation drive with your company, faith organization, or civic group.

We are located at 2457 E. Washington Street, Suite A. Questions? Feel free to Contact Us.