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Current Issue: Lowest Refugee Admissions Goal in U.S. History and New Executive Order Barring Refugees

The Trump Administration released its plan to cut refugee resettlement to a mere 18,000 individuals in the coming year. After two years of historic lows in the program, the President has now gone even further. This shift comes during a time when global refugee numbers have reached an all time high of 26 million, according to the U.N. This is the most aggressive blow to refugee resettlement ever, further dismantling this humanitarian program.

Worse still, the President has taken an additional step to limit refugee resettlement by signing an Executive Order that will allow state and local officials to effectively veto local resettlement in their communities.

All across America, the cities and towns who welcome refugees know that we are better than this. Exodus Refugee Immigration is committed to advocating for refugees, the communities who welcome them, and the values that have made America a land of hope and opportunity for generations. Even as we fight this cruel proposal to decimate the US refugee resettlement program, Exodus continues to serve the many refugees we have already welcomed to Indianapolis. We are committed, we are prepared, and with your help we will keep making Indianapolis a haven of freedom and safety for all.

Who to Call

Call Governor Holcomb at 317-232-4567 and tell him Hoosiers welcome refugees. Ask him to reject this blatant invitation to discriminate and to show the world that Indiana truly is a place that welcomes all. You can also send Governor Holcomb an email or tweet. 

Say: I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I urge you to protect the refugee resettlement program. I am outraged that President Trump intends to set a new historically low refugee admissions goal at 18,000 for fiscal year 2020, and allow state and local officials to block resettlement in their communities. Refugee resettlement facilitates U.S. diplomatic, national security, and foreign policy interests. I urge you to issue public statements urging the administration to resettle 95,000 refugees in 2020 and condemn the administration’s dismantling of the resettlement program. My community welcomes refugees, and I urge you to reflect the best of our nation by supporting refugee resettlement.”

Feel free to share any personal experiences engaging with refugees through your faith group, civic group, children’s school, community service provider, or in your neighborhood.

Send the President a message that you support refugees by clicking here.  

Social Media

You can also tweet at your Senators and Representatives and the administration. Here are some sample Tweets:

.@[SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE] Don’t stop welcoming refugees. Resettlement demonstrates the best of our values. #NORefugeeBans #SaveRefugeeResettlement #RefugeesWelcome #IndyWelcomesAll #StandWithRefugees

.@[SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE] Keep America welcoming. Refugee resettlement is a proud American legacy with bipartisan support. #NORefugeeBans #SaveRefugeeResettlement #RefugeesWelcome #IndyWelcomesAll #StandWithRefugees

Your state and local leaders need to hear the same message. Tell them that your community welcomes refugees. To find your governor, state legislators, mayor, and local officials, click here. To tweet your state and local officials, click to find the twitter handles for your governor and state legislators.