Refugee 101 Volunteer Engagement

Exodus Volunteer Next Steps: Welcome!

Welcome to the Exodus Volunteer Team in Indianapolis and thank you for completing an application with us! This is the beginning of a life-changing journey as we immerse ourselves in the lives of remarkable individuals seeking to build a new life in Indiana. There will be plenty of opportunities to make an impact on the lives of our clients, but also to be impacted ourselves by witnessing their courage and being inspired by their resilience. Before we get started, volunteers will need to be properly trained on how effectively support our clients.

Please follow all of the steps below in the order that you see them listed. This will ensure that you are connected to a volunteer opportunity as quickly as possible. If there are any questions about the steps that you see, please don’t hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jericho Jones.

Here are the Orientation Steps:

Next Steps:

1. Watch the Pre-Recorded Refugee 101 Video (found at the bottom of this page)

2. Please fill out this Reflection Form to complete your initial volunteer training. Please keep in mind that you will not be on the list to be considered for a volunteer opportunity unless this reflection form is completed.

3. Submit Confidentiality Forms.

4. Submit a Background Check, if applicable. The only opportunity exempt from background checks are the Warehouse and Donation Sorting opportunity. Please keep in mind that background checks generally cost between $20 – $22.

5. Email Jericho Jones at with your volunteer interests.

6. Attend Initial Volunteer Get-together, if you are able (you’ll receive an invite after completing the Reflection Form). There will be 1 scheduled per month – if you miss one, you can always be scheduled for the next. This is not a mandatory portion of the training, but it’s highly recommended because you’ll get to meet other volunteers (as well as myself) and have the chance to discuss hopes and expectations for your volunteer experience!


Please watch the following video to begin your Volunteer Orientation: