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Sagheera’s Story

Arrival Year
Violence and Civil War

Sagheera is a refugee from Syria and came with her husband and 2 children to seek a brighter and safer future for her family.

Sagheera and her family waited 9 years in a refugee camp before they were able to come to the United States in Spring 2022. They originally been told they would be resettled in Great Britian, but Sagheera’s husband, Rafeeq is deaf and thought he may have a better chance coming to the United States to hear again. Unfortunately, that is not medically possible, and he since has been working with the Mental Wellness team and has progressed a lot with therapy.

Sagheera has also worked closely with the Mental Wellness team at Exodus. Sagheera was not allowed to go to school when she was growing up and had a lot of anxiety about going to English classes. She had been mocked often because she was illiterate, and was afraid other students would be unkind to her. She shared her concerns with our English teachers, who helped her understand that she could thrive in a classroom. Now she is studying with students who are also learning to read for the first time, and feels safe and supported in class!

Since she has started classes, Sagheera has excelled, and is very proud of her classwork. She is always excited to share pictures and videos of her classwork with Exodus staff (some examples pictured below), and even when we met with her for this story, she was beaming as she introduced herself fully in English.

“We are so grateful to Exodus, without them we would have been lost.”

Sagheera has had her feelings of self-worth skyrocket, and has dreams of becoming fluent in English, and learning how to drive soon so she can take care of her husband and her kids. She is optimistic for their opportunities and hopes that all refugees have the same chance to be resettled and have a bright future like her family does now.

“I wish that people knew we are here to seek a better future. We are here for a better opportunity, for our kids, their future and chances to study.”

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