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Aisha’s Story

Democratic Republic of Congo
Arrival Year
Violence and Civil War

When Aisha immigrated to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2020, she was a pregnant single mother with one child.

Unfortunately, she didn’t experience America the way she had anticipated. Due to limited resources, the agency that welcomed her could only provide her with rental assistance for two months. She would have to find employment and find a way to support herself quickly.

Unfortunately, Aisha was experiencing a difficult pregnancy and significant pain when she walked, which made it difficult for her to obtain employment. Her child’s school bus would not stop at her home, so she had to walk to school with her child each day to make sure they attended. The long walk made her pain worse.

She tried to find help in her community and thought she had found a friend who would let her live with them while she got on her feet. However, that situation quickly fell apart when she realized they wanted to arrange a marriage for her. Aisha began looking for help again. Fortunately, she learned she had family in Indianapolis—an aunt who was happy to welcome her! She moved to Indianapolis with her family’s help, and her aunt helped connect her to Exodus.

Exodus began to provide assistance for Aisha. Her case manager helped her apply for benefits like SNAP and Medicaid, and helped her get the medical care she needed. Exodus helped her learn to use public transportation so that she could make it to medical appointments, and helped her learn how to get her child to school. She is enrolled in English classes and has childcare.

“My aunt and Exodus helped me with so much. This is the first time I feel at peace since I arrived in the United States,” said Aisha.

Now, because of Exodus, Aisha has her first job in the United States, and she is working with the Exodus legal services program to get her green card!  She still has a long journey ahead of her, but she is taking her first steps toward building a new life here in our community.

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