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Meet New Board Member Dr. Quratulain Khan

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Karachi, Pakistan and lived in Canada before moving to the USA more than a decade ago. I started art school but then fell in love with psychology and switched fields. I work as a clinical neuropsychologist with a special interest in traumatic brain injury. I love working in a field that involves serving people.

2. How did you first hear about Exodus, and what made you want to join the board?

When I first moved to the United States, I was looking to volunteer and came across Exodus in my online research. I signed up to volunteer but then moved away, first to Nova Scotia and then to New Jersey, for my residency and fellowship. When I returned to Indiana, I became reacquainted with Exodus through my friend Afshan, a current board member. Since then, I have been a supporter of Exodus. Joining the board is my way of supporting the mission of the organization and serving the community of refugees in Indiana.

3. When thinking about the future of Exodus, what are you looking forward to the most and why?

I am hopeful that in the future we will be able to welcome more refugees and continue to provide valuable services through our programs. As my professional experiences are in the area of mental health and wellness, I am particularly interested in that aspect of the refugee experience.

4. In your opinion, how can the Indianapolis community be more inclusive and welcoming to refugees and asylees?

In my opinion, one way to do this is by calling our representatives and telling them that we welcome refugees and asylees and want more refugees and asylees coming to Indiana. We can also show our support for refugees by donating and volunteering to further the mission of organizations like Exodus.

5. What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my family and friends. I have three really fun kids! We like to do things together around the Indianapolis area like hiking and dining. I also love a good book or a movie.