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Indiana says YES to refugee resettlement

On September 26, President Trump issued an Executive Order requiring Governors and local officials to provide letters of consent to opt in or out of refugee resettlement. We are proud to share that this attempt to undermine the refugee resettlement program even further has failed in Indiana. In December, Indiana Governor Holcomb, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, the Hamilton County Commissioners all submitted public letters of support. They wrote:

“Our long tradition of welcoming and helping to resettle refugees with support from our federal partners, shows the world the compassion of Hoosiers and our willingness to give others the ability to grow and prosper in the great state of Indiana.” – Governor Holcomb

“Refugees are resilient. Our refugee neighbors contribute to the vibrant social, cultural, and economic fabric of our city. We are proud to welcome those who are displaced as honorary Hoosiers for as long as they choose to stay in our city and state. For these reasons and more, Indianapolis will continue to welcome refugees.” – Mayor Hogsett

“Refugees are resilient, hard workers whose innovative skills have contributed greatly to our state. They have opened businesses, purchased homes, and are important members of our community.” – Hamilton County Commissioners

Please be sure to thank your elected officials for representing the best of our Hoosier values and keeping Indiana’s doors open to those fleeing persecution.