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Celebrating 10 Years with Exodus: Khin Sain

Meet Khin Sain, Women’s Program Coordinator. Khin, (also known as Ma Kim) oversees our Women’s Program and Women’s Sewing Circles! To celebrate Khin’s 10-year anniversary working at Exodus, we asked her a few questions about herself. Ma Kim has helped Exodus grow in her time with us, and we are so grateful for her dedication!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and grew up in Burma, before moving to Thailand where I lived for 12 years. When I first came to the US in 2008 I was living in Maryland with my sister. I heard through my pastor that Exodus was hiring for a Reception and Placement Case Manager in Indiana, which is why I moved here.

2. What languages do you speak? 

I speak English, Burmese, Karen, and some Thai.

3. How did you hear about Exodus and what made you want to work here? 

I learned about Exodus through my friend, while living in Maryland. I sent my resume in to Kam, who is now the Director of Reception & Placement at Exodus, to start at Exodus as a case manager. Since starting 10 years ago, I have worked as a R&P Case manager, Extended Case Manager and then I helped start the Women’s Program by becoming the Women’s Program Coordinator.

4. What would you say are your greatest accomplishments over the years? 

Over the last 10 years, I have been able to help so many clients to become successful. It has been wonderful to help teach so many different women and work with them through some very difficult cases and situations. It is always nice to hear from them years later and hear about what they have been up to and their and the success of their children who are now grown up.

There is also the Women’s Art and Sewing Circle, which has grown over the years since we started the Women’s Program. When I started in the Women’s Program, we were able to start reaching more women and developing their skills with making pillows, bed sheets, etc. There are a couple of women who have been very successful from the sewing circle in particular, and have continued on to start their own businesses.

5. What are some of your fondest Exodus memories over the past 10 years? 

Over the last 10 years I have made so many memories and shared a lot of laughter with clients and colleagues. I always love to celebrate new life, and seeing the babies of clients in my program and watching as some of my coworkers families have grown is my favorite. It is a lot of fun to watch as Exodus has grown and changed in the 10 years I have been here. I have made so many friends and happy memories it is hard to pick just one!

6. Describe what Exodus means to you. 

Exodus is awesome, and such a wonderful place to work. I remember in my first month of starting when Cole Varga, who was not the CEO yet, as we were going to a client appointment together, even then he encouraged me to stay at Exodus and spoke about what a great place it is to work, and he was right. The leadership is great, and the community at Exodus is like another family, and I enjoy working here!