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2019 Employer of the Year: Aramark

Exodus began placing clients with Aramark in January of 2019. Since then, our staff has been very impressed with the level of commitment and care Aramark has shown to our clients. Aramark staff are respectful and sensitive to our clients’ cultural differences. If problems or misunderstandings arise, they work with the Exodus employment team and our clients to resolve issues. They hold regular team meetings to help educate our clients on American workplace norms and address issues that arise. This helps clients keep their jobs rather than being terminated if difficulties come up. Aramark staff keep open lines of communication with Exodus, allowing us to offer our expertise and cultural insight. Aramark allows interpreters to come to the job site, which is an enormous benefit as our clients integrate and learn their new jobs. Aramark is committed to creating an environment where refugees new to the American workplace can learn and grow in a safe space, developing the job skills that are so crucial to their families’ self-sufficiency. Many of our clients request to work at Aramark, a true indicator of a solid partnership. We are so grateful for the way Aramark supports our clients’ success.

We asked Aramark a few questions about their experience hiring refugees. Here is what they said:

Why do you employ refugees?

We started employing refugees initially because the labor market was hard to come across a lot of qualified applicant and we have always struggled to find hard workers that would stay for more than a few months. Refugees typically are in situations where a job is a blessing to them and they go into the opportunity being fully committed and give it their all every day because a lot of jobs they may not find themselves being qualified for or people don’t give them equal opportunity. Since we have started hiring refugees I will continue to hire them for all their knowledge, skills, and abilities they bring. They all come from very diverse background and in a production environment a diverse labor force is more adaptive to the changing industry and hard standards that are expected.

What do refugees bring to the workplace?

My work experience with the refugees we have hired has been that they bring a very hard working attitude every day. They never miss work unless it is for an emergency or an appointment. They are drama free by being friendly with everyone and keeping to themselves when performing their work.

What has it been like for you partnering with Exodus? Or How did Exodus help you in employing refugees?

Exodus has been a great partner in hiring the people we have. Everything about my operation is new to the refugees so have the help of Exodus to overcome the communication and training gaps has been a great partnership that has allowed the refugees we do have to be successful in their jobs today.