Let’s Talk Session: July 2023

Let’s Talk Session

The vision of Exodus has always been to create welcoming environments, training volunteers to believe the best about our clients and treat them with dignity. Over the years, we’ve learned that one of the greatest barriers to this vision is a lack of awareness and mismanagement of implicit bias. We realized that this goes beyond how community members treat our clients but pours over into how we treat one another. Based on current trends, it has not been going well, but we would like to do our part in contributing to a solution.

Through these group discussions, we will learn that we all have biases, that we all can grow, and, most importantly, that having certain biases doesn’t make us bad people. It’s what we do with our biases that decides how we participate in creating the world around us. Please join us to have often difficult conversations in a safe, respectful environment where we can learn from each other… and about each other.

This opportunity is for those who:

  1. Completed the Exodus Volunteer Application.
  2. Watched the Refugee 101 video
  3. Filled out the required Reflection Form.
  4. Watched the Let’s Talk Intro Video

If you have completed these requirements but have yet to receive the link for this month’s session, please feel free to reach out to Jericho Jones at jjones@exodusrefugee.org.

Date: 7/14/2023

Time: 12:00P – 1:30P